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Playday tee-off time is 9:00AM for September-December
MGA Play-Day Participation Survey
Our Playdays are on THURSDAY  Mornings at
Lago Vista Golf Club - 4616 Rimrock Dr
Highland Lakes Golf Club - 20552 Highland Lake Dr.

( playdays normally rotate between the two courses )

Sign-Up Sheets are posted on the MGA Bulleting Board at LVGC

See PLAYDAY SCHEDULE for starting times, location and game format

"The MGA membership survey summary on playday participation is being made available to all members.  There were 69 members that provided inputs with a variety of results.  Those questions that received multiple responses are identified by "(number of responses)".  While many members appreciated the social aspects of the MGA, areas of concern were identified (online signup, arbitrary tee selection, questionable handicaps, communication, start times, frequency of play, excessive amount of rules and varying application, types of games played, multi generation gaps, other than Thursday playdays, perception of sandbagging/cheating, etc.).  

As an initial step, the Board decided to test, through December, removing the arbitrary handicap index/tee selection and over age 70 tee option provisions from all playdays.  Members will be able to select their tee preferences with appropriate handicap and handicap differential applied.   In addition, there will be an effort to establish a playday online signup system through the website.

Also, the Board expects to explore additional updates/changes on MGA playday areas of concern.  And, the Board continues to solicit your concerns and suggestions.

                                                                                                    The MGA Board"

  Click   HERE   for the full Survey Summary
You can join LVMGA at anytime during the year.
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